What Happens At Our Meetings – Are you interested in Joining us……………………..

Since we returned to our meetings, we have seen some beautiful work made by our members and in recent weeks, the displays have been just as wonderful.  The most recent quilted items made, can be seen on our current ‘Members Makes’ page.  In the meantime, here is a little insight into what goes on in our fortnightly sessions, as we have spaces available for new members at the moment.

After we have our opening address, there is always time for a ‘show and tell’ and it is just so lovely to see other people’s work for inspiration.  We usually move on with something to do, (such as a small project), or a project that will take a few sessions to complete or we have an outside speaker/demonstrator.  

At other times, we have spare sessions where you can bring your own work and is is a good opportunity to ask about the particular techniques people are using, if it is something you haven’t yet done yourself.

Part way through the afternoons session, we usually stop for a cuppa!

Throughout the year (outside of Covid restrictions), 

  • we book an occasional speaker or demonstrator
  • sometimes a member will give a demonstration
  • other times, we will make a group project
  • We organise someone to come and provide annual P.A.T. testing for our sewing machines and other equipment that we would like tested
  • we organise an annual group trip, together with smaller trips that come up from time to time, that are of interest to the group
  • we also arrange an annual Christmas meal out and all are welcome to attend
  • in the past we have held exhibitions of our work, which are usually very well attended 
  • our charity day events are a great opportunity for members to make small items for sale (using up some of our ever growing stash of fabrics) and where possible we invite someone from the charity to address the group during the day
If you would like to know more, why not come for a ‘taster afternoon,’ we meet at 1.30pm-4pm at Standish Community Centre, Moody Street, Standish, Wigan, WN6 OJY.  Or telephone Pat McGuinn on 01942-715580