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Borders, Borders, Borders………….

During our most recent session at Standish Quilters, which was all about matching bindings to borders.  One of the interesting things that was discussed,  was when you cut stripes on the bias for binding a curved project, the stripes take on a slanted pattern, which completely changes the fabrics look.

With this in mind, I came across a ‘You Tube Video’ by Nancy Roelfseme, who does a 25 minute video on Borders.

She gives some great tips throughout , all about how to cut and add various types of borders and it is well worth a watch.

There are two points in particular that are very interesting:

  1. When the video reaches 11 minutes and 40 seconds, she talks about how to cut ‘plaid’ fabrics, in order to get the lines of the patterned fabric straight for your borders.  Nancy shows us how to fold our fabric in a certain way, before cutting them, to achieve a straight pattern from our cut.
  2. She also talks about ‘power cutting‘ at 15minutes 15 seconds into the video, see what you think about this, as it certainly helps her to cut her border strips more quickly.

Just click on the You Tube Video below to find out more.

Carolynne P.