Bed Turning Demonstration

I found this demonstration on You Tube and it made me look back to times gone by, when we at Standish Quilters have held a meeting with a wonderful display of quilts to view.

I found it so interesting and inspiring that I emailed the group (who are from Patchwork Quilts, Hamilton, Montana, USA) and after giving a brief description of Standish Quilters , asked if they would mind if this was shown as a demonstration on our own website.   As I felt sure it would be something of interest to our members.

Within two days, I received a reply saying that they would be happy for their demonstration to be shared this way, and if you have any comments you would like me to pass on to them, after watching it, just let me know.

In the meantime, why not make yourself a nice brew, sit down, relax and enjoy…………

Carolynne P.