Carole Sewing Room

Carole’s Sewing Room

Dear All

Hope that you are all keeping well, I confess that I haven’t done much sewing but I do have a new sewing room !!!

One of the back bedrooms was Graham’s (Hubby) model train room and he also had part of the garage for another model railway! We decided to convert the garage into a room so he could bring them all together and I could have the back bedroom as a sewing room. The only problem was lockdown! The builders (bless them) stayed late on the 23rd March to fit all the tables in the garage so that Graham could reassemble his trains.

So, when the back bedroom was cleared, I painted it and with the help of IKEA and Storage4Crafts deliveries I now have a sewing room and thought you might like to see it.

Carole Sewing Room

Sewing table with the Beast installed, I have my stash of fabric colour co-ordinated in the different boxes, the taller unit on the right also has my threads and the little boxes that are sitting on it contain all those bits and pieces such as pins, tape measures etc.

Carole Cutting Table

This is my design wall and cutting table, both tables are adjustable in height, Pat M showed me hers and I thought how fab was that, so this table  is set much higher than my sewing table so that I can cut easily whilst standing up.

More storage for fabric !! The sewing machines on the top are all hand machines the one on the left was Graham’s mums and has pearl inlay on the sewing bed, the middle one I bought in Bridport market for £5 years ago and the one on the right was sitting in the rain when we went to the tip after Graham’s mum died and it was just saying “take me home” I have managed to get most of the rust off it and it seems happy. The old chair in the photo is one of two that I have from my Nan so they must be best part of a hundred years old now !! Frightening how time flies.

Final photo is of my mum’s original sewing machine which was a treadle machine which (before I was born) she managed to get a motor from an American base (I think Warrington) to convert it to an electrical machine, it just does simple straight stitch but still works and is incredibly fast. The picture above is a cross stitch that Mum did when her eyes were better.

Carole Treadle Machine

So my sewing room is almost finished, I am awaiting another delivery of two units from Storage4Crafts which will go under my sewing table as a girl can’t have too much storage for her stash !!! Guess I need to start sewing

Hope you found a brief tour of my new room fun and I hope you all keep safe and well.

Take care